They opened a new club downstairs in june 1968 as Penny Farthing, and we moved our radio discos there. The Brick-House was situated in the former Albion Congregational Chapel building, now a pine furniture shop opposite the former Irish Pub [now Fusion?]. In the 1980s it became. The majority of his friends visit discos two or three times a week, and Terry and his pals find them the current in-place to meet girls. In the 1980s it became the alternative venue in Hull, and was the location for many events usually patronised by social workers, students or teachers. Originally known variously as the Kon-Tiki Club, the Barn and Disco 66. Listed from 1961 - was it an early coffee club, can anyone remember that far back? But who are the people who frequent the discos the people who are Hulls night owls and who are just starting to wake up when most of us are going to sleep? click here to follow Hull Live on Twitter. Now [2001] Club Zen. Conservation Action Group was very involved in its early days. This remained the case throughout the 1960s but as the decade wore on the ballrooms began to be complemented by coffee bars, which became a place for teenagers to gather and listen to their new music whilst sipping Espresso day or night. It housed two bars and boasted 800 sq ft of mirrors, over 100 plants and a colour scheme of white, lemon, green and gold, and was advertised as the latest concept in clubbing entertainment. Only Clubs, Social and General were listed (of which there were 96) and Clubs Dancing and Ballroom, which had one entry - the Kevin Ballroom, North Church Side (also the home of the Birdland jazz club see later). Took over from Studio Circus in late 1992 and included Ritzy, which later became Eclipse. Club Sahara and Quigleys joined forces to create one of Hulls rather down market night-clubs in late 1993. which burnt down under allegedly suspicious circumstances back in the 1980s. Robert has also completed his level 7 in Social Care, Children & Young People. The height of the fire was reached at 4am with firefighters fearing for neighbouring properties. And as Peter Croskill says young people do seem to have more money than they used to. Formerly the Gothenburg Coffee Club and listed from 1973 until 1975 when it was listed as the Rio Disco Coffee Club, and continued to be listed until 1977. On the ground floor Braidy's Bar, a "fun drinkery," which . I can't remember the name of the owner, a small neat man with a bit of a presence, or his girlfriend, whoput on regular dancing displayswith her partner in what would nowadays not go amiss in Strictly. etc. It re-opened in September 1972 as TIFFANYS (main hall) with a resident band plus DJs (myself - as Paul Alexander, and "Angus Androcules") and a smaller discotheue upstairs called Annabellas. This marked possibly the beginning of the new breed of discos, a mobile event rather than a static club? Gatsby Club (The), Royal Station Hotel, Ferensway. Enjoying a renaissance in the early naughties. The club was run by Derrick [Geoff?] A double site coupled with Annabellas, and both owned by the Mecca Group. Regular bands were those of Harry Chatterton, Stan Thrussel and Leslie Rose. Elsewhere, left-over do-wop hits jarred against the odd Folk protest song, and even a few Jazz hits. Shortly before that happened, we were young kids hooked on the promise of fun, mad action & Disco . Scamps This George Street establishment started out as Scamps, which served beer in German-style steins in the adjacent Hofenbrau bar. Not listed in 1994. Formerly Oasis, Oasis 2000, Quigleys, Club Sahara etc. Noted for the first time in 1963 as the Wellington Social Club, under clubs, social & general but was probably more of a working mens club until its new lease of life in the late 1970s (?) Thousands of people have already joined the groups to share news and start conversations. Vol. They are fighting to correct their image; they are very slowly attracting an older type of customer; they make plenty of work for those involved behind the scenes. played as I know I saw them, but some of these [memories] were at dances at the Art College. First established in 1962 the company changed its name in 1986 in-line with its core business of "Security Control, Alarm Monitoring & Patrols". Became Enigma. to the average man in the street and he thinks of drug pushing and brawls involving zombie like characters with more hair than a cave man and whom he wouldnt trust with his daughter. The club was the former Skyline ballroom and had two halls - the main cabaret room that held 1200 guests SEATED and 200 more standing, plus a 700 person discotheqe next door. Also catered for the rock crowd as most clubs eventually had to. By 1975 it was listed as Outsider Supertruck Discos, at No.61 Leonard Street. Help! I remember seeing bands there from around 1982, like Haze, Split Pig, and Over The Top, an early Ron Hales band and all his later incarnations. AB15 5HY, Tuesday 18/10: The Land Before Time Dinosaur Day (fossil making, dinosaur dig excavation, lava slime), Friday 21/10: Pumpkin Art (pumpkin painting, slime making and cinnamon pumpkin pie baking), Wednesday 26/10: Halloween paper mach Art, Thursday 27/10: Halloween themed games and crafts, Friday 28/10: PJ + Movie with Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows. Did it become Club International and later Henrys again or was thelaterHenrys a bar within Club International? And what did they do before these places opened? Nightlife And Music In The 70's Nightlife And Music In The 70's Leaving school to going to work, moving up from church hall teeny bop discos to dancing the night away in the adult discos & nightclubs. '60s although I only really have specific memories of once or twice. The light-show side has its own people to run it, and Neil Manyan is the back room boy who looks after the sound equipment. My parents are often quite worried in case there are fights, said Paul. Chris Ketchell remembered: - Gondola Club - It was in Little Queen Street, latterly that loud Sgt. Still open in 1979 but not listed in 1980. Just under 12 feet in length, Scamp boasts an unusual combination of features that give her the unique ability to explore waters too shallow for a larger boat, while retaining most of the bigger boat's comforts and capabilities. We supported Francis Daly through all the planning battles he had over it; and when it opened, based all our activities there; we had committee meetings and public meeting there and stored things in the basement. Previously known as Talk Of The South and now called Talk . Whether you are interested in traffic updates, parenting issues or the latest crime news, we have a group for you. An ex Hull Mod recalls 'Mod haunt 66-68. Owned by Sami Leisure and included its own Taxi firm - Kings Taxis. Listed under clubs, social & general from 1971 until 1973 and was known as a dance venue. You cannot actually see the club, just the sign so I suppose that it is possible that it was a sign pointing down. It was a turning point for the city. Opened 1994 ish and was listed as a night-club that became known as Room 82-88 by 1996. Tony stresses it is essential to establish a communication between the disc jockey and the audience; There has got to be feed back; if the disc jockey doesnt communicate it will not be a success, he says, - and one wrong record could destroy an atmosphere its taken half and hour to build up. Waterfront Club (The), Princes Dock Side. Chris Ketchell recalls Malcolms: - purpose built as a club? Blues sat alongside Rock & Roll and Skiffle, and Motown met with Rhythm & Blues and spawned a new breed of soul. Contact Information: Phone: 714-307-3040 Email: We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. Now [2001] Enigma. which burnt down under allegedly suspicious circumstances back in the 1980s. There is says Peter Croskill, manager and part share owner in one of Hulls smaller town centre discos a certain amount of misunderstanding, as so many places of ill repute are associated with discos. I cant remember it as being licensed, but it may have been. This part of Albion Street had been the scene (no pun intended) of clubs of one sort or another since the 1960s; The Old Ormonde Club was listed at No.22 Albion Street from 1961 to 1978 (No.3 Albion Street in 1905!) For discos are now more than just rooms in which to dance, with records booming away in the background. Was it also known as Oscars, or was that a pub within the Hotel? it may have tried to be known officially as a club just for students and teachers. Trouble is of course, cater for one group and you throw yourself open to abuse by another. Fast forward to the mid-90s and . Many superb live acts appeared here (Steve Marriot, Albert Lee) and it was a great place for a boogie to good old Rock music. GESCO is a security company operating in various fields and basing on the principle of physical protection. 1950s crooners often found themselves in poll place alongside the likes of Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Cream and The Rolling Stones. A former Temperance Hotel strangely enough. An application to transfer the Oddessy license was made in August, 1984. White Boy Singin the Blues; The Black Roots of White Rock, Michael Bane. This place has put a ban on jeans but as the manager says - very few come in jeans and as Mr Croskill points out casual dress does not necessarily mean troublesome people. The first of a number of clubs to occupy this site from 1990 onwards, which sadly involved the partial destruction of this section of a wonderful Georgian terrace. A swish dance hall above the 1920s Jacksons store in Paragon Street. Phew!The University also had discos and bands at Cottingham, mostly at The Lawns, but they probably don't count for your purposes, as they weren't in Hull.'. The Hull Times ran an article in July 1971 regarding the Bailey Organisation's latest and largest night-spot; Bailey's at Hull. Clearly, the telephone book would only list the venues that actually had a telephone, so there must have been many more, but by 1961 two more. The blaze took over 60 firefighters to control and was first noticed by a passing taxi driver and a burglar alarm sounding at roughly 2.30am. In another disco there is an adequate supply of door-men all of whom look capable of looking after themselves and anyone else who may need it. Nos.1 and 2 High Street were part of a group of buildings, which also included the former Dunwells Forge next door on High Street. I will find the file. - I saved myself for the informality of the Outsider. Another regular was Margaret, who recalls: - 'I used to frequent the Gondola Coffee Club nearly every day and three times at the week-ends. He was speaking from a corner of Hulls newest disco plush, attractively designed, warm, comfortable, with its double-decker layout and on Tuesday evening a bachelors paradise where the guys are out-numbered by the girls 3 to 1. Managed by the leader of Cheds Blues Band (later Vigilante) Ched Cheeseman, who filled the Juke Box himself and made it the cheapest and best juke box I can remember anywhere, ever. We also put the latest news in our Instagram Stories. There were many, many other locations around Hull where Jazz could be enjoyed, such as the wonderfully named 'Granny's Parlour Folk Club' held at the Royal Oak pub, but many went unlisted and to note them here relies on the memories of the readers so please contact me. In the late 60s I think it was known as 'The Round' and /or 'Bizarre society' c.1971. I expended thousands of calories headbanging and consumed about three pints of beer and four pints of water. Took over the former Hofbrauhaus/Oddessey site around 1983 (I was seeing bands there from January 1983) and was an excellent live music venue (Annie Lennox played here with the Eurythmics no less, and Dr Feelgood, the Damned, Sisters of Mercy etc). variation on the Albion Street theme. You could dance too. A dance-floor and a live venue that I always found a bit difficult to get in at first because of all the elitist student types. This means that we may include adverts from us and third parties based on our knowledge of you. And it seems that where a change of words is needed to help right the situation, the right one is proving very difficult to find. 22 - July 27 - Aug 9, 2022 - Scamp Club Paul Taylor was a regular, and he recalls: - 'Kestral on Charlotte Street Mews opened 1970 and the dance floor was on the 1st floor. If you have any questions please speak to a member of the team at pick up time. For the first few minutes when playing to a new audience the DJ must watch for their reaction and then cater for it throughout the evening. The fashion, the music and the nightlife Friday, 26 March 2010 Welcome To 70's Disco Nightlife Chapter - 2 Where do you start?? Categories . The Hull & Yorkshire Times ran a front-page article by Rex Booth in their issue of Friday 15 October 1971, which reflected the attitude of the time towards the new scene, and is repeated here in full as a suitable introduction to the subject. Later circa 1990 moving to new premises at No.29Park Street, where it remained for many years. Opened late 1990 (?) Yes I assume so; the place (part of the multi-storey car park block in George Street) always has been a club. Usually opened till 2pm'. In 1972, just months after this article appeared, the Hull Telephone Directory had a section for Discotheques in its Yellow Pages for the first time. It was still open in 1995 but not listed in 1996. Usually with the Maxwell Daniels Band. Although now a legend in its own lifetime, the Adelphi began life as a working mens club. Both Scamps and Hofbrauhaus had strippers on during the day at one time or another. Listed as a night-club from 1992, it replace Club International, which ceased to be listed in the same year. as a more trendy venue. Hull (Authors collection). Graham Hardy remembers it was still open circa 1979. The Waterfront Club opened circa 1979 in a converted warehouse to acclaim from all sections of the community and after a near disastrous fire was still going strong in 2001. The headline was: -. company owns shopstyle codycross; Listed for the first time as a night-club in 1982 at the fictional address Little High Street, which is merely a colloquialism for the north end of High Street. Founded on May 26, 2005, GESCO provides private and corporate security services in various regions of the country including Baku, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. Flipper Disc Caf, 155-157 Holderness Road. Noted under clubs, social & general from 1970 until 1973 but sounds a bit more up-market and dancey. scamps nightclub hulltyrone smith obituary. Circa 1982. Anyone remember Scamps? Scamps of course became Odyssey (actually wasn't it spelt wrong?) 15 with a Bullet. Those are three of the conclusions to be reached from a steady look at the swinging discotheque scene in Hull a scene that has mushroomed in recent months to provide the city with discos of all types. Chuck us a few pence if you wish to x, A legendary local nightspot of the 1960s, the Locarno was the place to be until its closure in 1971. The club opened in 1961 when it was called Mecca's Hull Locarno Ballroom. Extremely loud, with impressive light shows etc. I mean in theory I know the date it opened - I have a file on it if only I could find it, I saw it recently. A rig includes frequency lighting, ultra-violet light and slide projection. I remember seeing there, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (some of the band members sitting round the Queens Garden fountain in stage clothes earlier in the day). See below right. The Hull Times ran an article in July 1971 regarding the Bailey Organisations latest and largest night-spot; Baileys at Hull. Book Club Associates, London 1984. How wrong could I be, Paul Rusling, a DJ from the time recalls: - 'this was a coffee and coke speak-easy late night club in 1967. Bailey's closed its doors and was put up for sale in August 1977 due to falling attendances. For 17 year old Terry Baynes its the atmosphere that draws; Its more lively, there is more happening. Ephemera: Scamps Ticket by Nick Boldock on 12th July 2016 Ticket for Scamps nightclub (loaned to us by Rob Goldberg - thanks Rob! The reason I particularly remembered thephoto was that it struck me as being very coincidental that the old Barracuda was so close to the new beer hall in the Exchange on the corner of Bowlalley Laneby the same name'. Difficult to trace in the telephone directories unless it was listed as a pub? Six firefighters were hurt, but none seriously. Copyright 2022 Hull Music Archive,All Rights Reserved. Chris Ketchell suggested this was the contact address for a mobile disco. Some suggest it was the site of the present Editorial Inn, and Paul Taylor, who visited in the late 1960s recalls: -'Penny Farthing was at the top of Spring Bank near Editorial but I think it was not at the end of a terrace but was mid terrace. Late in 1993 it joined with Quigleys to create the Oasis Club and is now [2001] part of Club Zen. Ten years later it underwent another revamp with. Scamps of course became Odyssey (actually wasn't it spelt wrong?) However, it never seems to have been listed in the telephone directories, unless it was classed as a pub - everyone knows it was in the old Skylines premises, so where was it recorded? Ticket for Scamps nightclub (loaned to us by Rob Goldberg thanks Rob!). Youve got to try to please as many as possible he says of his night work. They DID have a casino licence, and also a dance floor and club operation. Now they can include snack bars, flashing lights, waitress service, drinks with meals all competing for one of the most attractive money markets in the country today the teenagers. Still listed in 1987 but gone by 1988. Noted from 1962 as a ballroom dancing venue and listed as such in the telephone directories, but did it later have nights and Saturday mornings Im sure I remember going or being taken - devoted to popular dancing? For, say 8 you can have a full evenings entertainment of music and lights for your party, with the music to suit your own or your guests varied tastes. Kitti also completed her Level 8 in Social Care, Children & Young People and will now take a break from the studying before moving into her management qualifications. Sounds like a musos venue or a jazz club? Chris Ketchell recalls this had red awnings outside. A temporary home for the club was sought with a former club on High Street, the Washington DC Club, selected as a possible venue. Hopes to another home for the Oddessy were raised in September 1984, as discussions were held for a partnership with Wally Mays at the Tower Nightclub, but these fell through by December of the same year. Not sure if this was anything to do with the old T.C.s in Folkestone Street. The mobile disco world has its own lingo. Francis was our Vice President, we went to all the opening dos and presentation ceremonies as we got him all sorts of awards. Noted in the 1966 telephone directory under cafs and restaurants, but could you dance there? But their work is not just a question of putting on records and flashing a few lights. Did this become a record shop? Now a driving school, but once a small club that served coffees, upstairs above Furmans shoe shop, during the day and had a select clientele during the evening my sister Anne recalled this was one of the first places you could go just to dance. No windows and no sign outside, and later fitted with ultra violet lights on the small dance-floor upstairs, which served only to make you feel more disorientated than when you went in. Legendary local hot-spot, listed as a night-club for the first time in 1984. [RUF is also FURmans backwards?]. The ex Hull Mod notes that: - 'Only plus point of Locarno was The Kinks played in 1967 - they looked arkward in such a naff venue'. in 1991/92 named Sergeant Peppers. Gondola Club & Coffee Bar, Little Queen Street. A few clubs, that were often un-licensed, also provided gambling and a stage for the local Beat group, Jazz combo or Folk Club, whereas the new discotheques (discos) catered solely for the ravers who craved to dance to mostly pop-chart orientated music in more extrovert hip surroundings. Part of the Mecca Dancing group. Owner Malcolm Backhouse of South Cave had known there was a demand for this type of entertainment for some years. Now famed for the phrase Tower fur n owerr, which is where you go when the pubs close in Hull. You will be in the Breeze and become world famous. Its manager, former Waterfront operator Peter OBrien, headed the team of 25 staff, opening hours were 9pm to 1.45pm, Tuesday to Saturday with Monday nights available for private hire. I think it must have opened 1979, as Ive recorded a Help! In-between name for the venue that became known more famously as Bali Ha`I - after Malcolms, but before Bali Ha`i, according to Dave Burton. A Coffee Bar type place within Alexandra Terrace on Hedon Road, that was known as a coffee bar, but allegedly one could also buy more illicit substances and have a dance (Graham Hardy remembers). First listed in 1982 under clubs, social & general and still going in 2009, it was opened as a music venue by Paul Jackson in 1984 and incorporated the Unity Club in 1985. But even so it doesnt make us wish we were single again. The Oddessy Diskotek, formerly known as Scamps, located at no. Tiffanys Nightspot & Discoteque, Ferensway. Upstairs was Scamps which was I believe owned by the same people. Listed under clubs, social & general from 1965 until 1977, when it was listed simply as the Flamingo Club. Regular bandleader was Norman Mail & his band. Site re-opened as a pub (?) With 3 rooms, 2 outside yards, 4 bars, 3 dance floors, 6 dj's, wonderful staff , Spiders is a home from home every weekend for all of Hull's alternative musical waifs and strays. (see separate entry below). Jailhouse Rock Club Venue & Bar, 2 Norfolk Street. Mention the word discotheque. By the end of the 1970s (1980?) Also a restaurant, but it had a dance floor and a disc jockey and separate bars, so it wasnt just a restaurant. Historically this had been the site of the Hope & Anchor pub. Essentially however, the 1960s were a period of revolution and whilst there will always be a trend to keep alive older and more traditional musical styles, nothing represents the optimism of that age like pop music. Did night-clubs have a late licence whereas the others had normal pub hours; or can they be quantified by actually having a licence for dancing? Aberdeen The former cinema was the place to go when the city's pubs closed, and has had a long. How wrong could I be, Paul Rusling, a DJ from the time recalls: - 'this was a coffee and coke speak-easy late night club in 1967. Ticket for Scamps nightclub (loaned to us by Rob Goldberg - thanks Rob!). Scamps are always eager to promote and encourage outdoor play, even during the winter months but especially in the Summer; so please make sure you provide SUN CREAM (it should be in the original packaging and clearly labelled with your childs name) as well as suitable wet weather clothing and shoes for your child. Get the latest nostalgia features and photo stories from Hull Live straight to your inbox. Took over from Ritzy as part of the Central Park premises in late 1995 early 1996. Not to be out-done, the East Hull Baths also held regular dancing evenings in the 1950s. Demolished circa 1992? Tots 2000 (pictured in 1997) in Southend. . But did it still serve Tetleys? Became Oasis 2000 in 2000 and is now [2001] Club Zen. Graham Wilkinson remembers it as a dance place. After a pause he replied where commercial ones are concerned there has been some relenting on the part of the Watch Committee I think, and the whole area is waking up to the idea of sound and vision. Noted under clubs, social & general from c.1969 and was possibly the first in Hull to be known as a discotheque but seems to have gone by 1971. but initially more of a working mens place. I have a really good file with lots of photos of the restoration process. For 17 year old Terry Baynes its the atmosphere that draws; Its more lively, there is more happening. Still a club in 2009, although now long closed. An oldie but a goodie, The State opened as a nightclub in the 80s. Published by at June 30, 2022. The Twist and the Jive were hot then. Hofbrauhaus later became Dingwalls the music venue and Scamps became Oddessy. [the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1982) describes a discotheque as a club, caf etc.,where records are played for dancing]. These appeared for the first time in the telephone directories in 1971 although I suspect they existed earlier. It appeared to last less than two years and was not recorded in 1993. Closed 1986-87. Scamps are always eager to promote and encourage outdoor play, even during the winter months but especially in the Summer; so please make sure you provide SUN CREAM (it should be in the original packaging and clearly labelled with your child's name) as well as suitable wet weather clothing and shoes for your child. Opened over 40 years ago, Spiders has seen all the alternative music scenes come and go and managed to live to tell the tale. Use the top menu to navigate via section indexes, or just browse the latest entries on the left! As I wrote in my study of Bishop Lane: The fashion for discotheques was at its peak in the late 1960s and property in the old-town would have been at its lowest price for any prospective buyer. Latterly closed and under threat but now [2009] open again as . My sister, in a recent discussion about it thought of it as a sophisticated jazz club which it may have been - that may have been the reason for the appearance of black R`n`B musicians - the date of this event is in an article in Mojo which Dave Burton loaned me recently in an article about Davy Graham and Bert Jansch (Bert Jansch was involved in some gigs with Little Walter). I was unable to stay on because we were leaving Hull altogether; it must have been June, July or August 1963'. I saw the visiting American blues harp player Little Walter there; it may have been a place where the can the white man play the blues early British R`n`B people like Chris Farlowe, Geno Washington & the Ram Jam Band etc.

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